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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Denise Tafel

Hello, I'm Denise and I'm 23 years old.
I had my breast augmentation at the Lavien Clinic on December 23, 2021 and I was really scared at first.

But I can really recommend it to everyone! You are in the best hands there, you are not alone with any questions or fears and are really accompanied down to the smallest detail????

I would choose this clinic again and again!

Thanks again to the entire team and to my super dear Dolmatcherin

Rafaella Da Slv Blm

Very professional and commendable clinic. I came from Germany and had Vaser liposuction performed. Everything was very well organized, I didn't feel left alone for a minute. Everyone took very good care of me, from our driver, to the interpreter, to the extremely professional doctors. They are all very competent and nice, you feel very comfortable being treated by them. I would recommend it to anyone over and over again. Thank you very much for everything

Lara Daghan

I had a mommy makeover two weeks ago and traveled all the way from Germany because the work of Dr. Cortuk and Dr. Duran had convinced on the social media platforms. Of course everything is still very swollen, but I am already very satisfied with the result and can't wait until the healing is complete and you can see the final result. The two doctors did an excellent job and I cannot thank them enough for this new attitude towards life... Many thanks to the staff and especially to Alev Hanim for the great care before and after the operation. I'm still in contact with the LaVien Clinic and I'm already looking forward to seeing you again in almost 6 months.

Nikki Ula Kucuk

I am so happy with my result!! Thanks to Dr. Oguz Cortuk!!
Dr. Oğuz is a truly amazing doctor. I was terrified at first, but Dr. After talking to Mr. Oğuz, I overcame all my fears. I had liposuction surgery. Dr. Mr. Oğuz explained the process very well both before and after the operation. Everything is going very well for now. I'm very pleased, I can't finish by telling you. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Caner for his interest and relevance, thank you very much for being with me every minute. I can't help but say that your customer service was great. Good to know you! Hope to see you again, Greetings from America :)

jasmina mitrovic

I visited the clinic a few days ago. I had a tummy tuck. I was operated on by dr. Alpay Duran. I am very happy that I did not make a mistake in choosing a doctor for my operation, considering that I did not have recommendations, but I looked for a doctor online. Out of more than 20 contacts I found on the internet, dr. Alpay Duran instilled the utmost confidence in me, and I am happy that the doctor and his assistants exceeded my expectations. First of all, everyone is very professional and responsible, of course also very kind. The staff at the hospital where I was operated on is very friendly and professional. This is how I thank everyone, a very nice experience.

Liliane Labusga

Great clinic!
We ourselves come from Germany and were given such good advice despite the distance that we felt like we were in the suburbs.
I don't speak Turkish myself, but even that wasn't an obstacle for the Lavien Clinic.
A super nice interpreter named Dilara accompanied me until the day of my departure.
The doctor Oğuz Çörtük a very competent, nice and personable doctor, any fears were taken away from me by his expertise. He cares a lot about the well-being of his patients, so that you feel very well taken care of.

I am very happy that I decided to have liposuction-BBL in this clinic.
Highly recommended!

Ilona Rysko

Thanks to Dr. Oguz Cortuk for a job well done. Great clinic, great staff.

Remon Hibi

I did rhinoplasty almost one year before and I’m in love with the end results. Thank you dr. Alpay for the reason that made me feeling in love with myself more and more????????????????

Blsam Kabha

I did Rhinoplasty surgery with Doctor Alpay Duran and I’m super satisfied with my results , I’m more than blessed to have such a professional doctor and team
They all were supportive especially the great Assistant “Mert” I’m more than thankful to all of them and the great change I had

Heidi Bellezza

Honest clinic. Dr. Alpay Duran is a good doctor. He takes care of you and comes after surgery too see you. Most doctors here don't do that. They just care about money. This doctor and his staff are very professional and caring. Went to many clinics but l choosed for this doctor because it felt right. I trusted him immediately. He was honest about the results and have a good eye for details. I will definitely recommend this clinic.