Rhinoplasty is one of the most preferred surgeries by men and women in terms of both appearance and health of the person. Since the nose is one of the most prominent organs in the face, it causes negative social and psychological effects if it is not liked. Rhinoplasty procedure has started to be seen as a necessary procedure by people with the developing technology, the increase in the number of doctors and hospitals performing the procedure.

In nasal surgeries, it is aimed to change the shape of cartilage or bones to give an aesthetic appearance suitable for the face shape of the person. Various interventions are made to give the person the most appropriate appearance in line with the patient's requests and complaints, face shape and the risks of the surgery. During these interventions, the bones and forties in the nose must be cut, sometimes the missing parts must be filled and the shape must be changed.

The person who decides to have a rhinoplasty expresses his / her wishes and complaints about his nose during the first doctor examination. While the doctor provides information about the changes to be made according to your current situation, at the same time, thanks to technological applications, he uses 3D visual tools to show the patient the approximate shape of the post-operative nose appearance.