Redensity (Under Eye Light Filling)

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Detention bruises have become an important problem that disrupts the social life and psychology of patients today. Contrary to popular belief, under-eye bruises are not caused by large blood vessels. Under eye dark circles are a pigmentation disorder. The fact that the eyelid skin is very thin reveals this disorder.

Frequently, genetic factors and structural predispositions can cause under eye dark circles. Patients state that this situation increases when they are sleep deprived or tired.

Under-eye bruise treatment can be various. Many products such as under-eye creams, tonics, care lotions sold in the market do not work and generally do not provide any benefit. If the patient is of middle age and older, the fat bags that are removed or replaced during the eyelid aesthetic surgery lighten the color of this area. However, if the age of the patient is not suitable for the operation, laser treatments are applied for this.