Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

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Many people are born with ear deformity. Ear deformity affects the social life of the person, as well as self-confidence problems. Thanks to surgical procedures, the shape and structure of the ears can be corrected to give the person a more aesthetic appearance.

Aesthetic ear surgeries are procedures performed to bring the prominent ears closer to the head, to shape the folds or to reduce the larger ears than normal.

Inadequate development or straightness of the Y-shaped fold in the auricle and the ears being too far from the head are usually the main reasons. This operation is usually performed from the age of 6 when ear development is completed. It is important to do it at these ages because the reactions that the child can see from his / her friends during the school period can create psychological problems. Although there is an operation performed at this age, the number of people who want to have this procedure is often more in their 20s.

While prominent ear surgery causes men to not be able to cut their hair shortly, problems such as the inability to collect their hair may occur in women. Therefore, requests for surgery are increasing. While ear aesthetic surgery can be performed with local anesthesia in older ages, general anesthesia is preferred for children.