Tummy Tuck (Abdominaplasty)

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Tummy tuck surgery is a surgical intervention that removes the sagging of the skin and subcutaneous tissues in the abdominal area and provides a flat and tight abdomen. With this surgery, all the excess skin under the belly button is removed and the loosened peritoneum, especially due to pregnancy, is also tightened. Cracks, if any, on the discarded skin are completely removed. Stretch marks on the belly button become less visible due to the tension. Frequent postpartum and excessive weight gain and loss occur in the abdominal region, in some people sagging of the skin and subcutaneous tissues extending to the waist side and the waist becomes thicker. If this sagging is excessive, it causes pain in the waist and back area, and complaints such as malodour, itching and redness under the skin fold, especially in summer. In terms of aesthetics, it is a deformity that challenges the social and private life of the person. Postoperative drains are removed within 3-4 days, depending on the amount. The hospital stay is 2-3 days. For the first week, the patient is asked to lie down at home with a high back, slightly bent legs and walk slightly forward when standing. This reduces the tension in the sewing line. After the second week, the person can gradually return to the normal lying and walking position. The swelling, which is evident in the operation area, starts to decrease from the 3rd day. The corset should be used regularly for 4-6 weeks. It is recommended to be fed frequently and in small portions after the operation.