Six Pack

Six pick surgery, which means abdominal aesthetics, is also called baklava abdominal aesthetics in our country. Six pack is an effective operation that is preferred mostly by men and gives a muscular appearance in the abdominal areas. The operation, which creates a distinct contour in the abdominal area, is applied by people who want to gain a fitter and younger appearance.

Six pack, which is applied to people who want to build muscle by doing long efforts with intense sports and diet applications for such a look, can easily provide diamond slice abdominal muscle to these people with this method. In fact, there are diamond slices in the abdomen from the belly button to the chest area. However, long-term and regular sports are required to reveal these muscles. And for those who cannot perform these long-tempo sports activities, six pack surgery is one of the most effective methods. 6 pieces of diamond slice muscles emerge in people who have six pack surgery without the need to do sports. However, in order to ensure its permanence, habits such as frequent eating and unhealthy lifestyle should be ended after surgery.