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Mommy makeover is a legendary combined procedure applied to remove postpartum deformations that scared many women. Let's take a look at what these combined transactions are.

These; Breast Aesthetics (breast reduction, breast augmentation and breast lift), Liposuction (abdomen, leg, waist, back, arms, butt, inner leg, abdomen) Tummy Tuck and Vagina Aesthetics. People who are thinking of having a Mommy Makeover (postpartum aesthetics, momy makeover) may need one or more of these aesthetics. The important detail here is what the person wants and the opinions of his doctor.

It is now very easy to bring your breasts that are sagging after birth, your stubborn fat that you cannot melt whatever you do, your sagging skin that does not know how to recover, and your vagina that expands or sags after birth with the Mommy Makeover.