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Deficiencies on face or body, caused by aging or traumas, are often treated exploitation fat tissues taken from the patient’s own body. Fat injections are often used for facial rejuvenation, leg surgery, breast augmentation and butt raise.

The animal tissue to be injected to the patient is obtained from the patient’s own body exploitation liposuction methodology. The obtained animal tissue is created made in live fat cells and stem cells by passing through special operations. Recent studies have shown that fat tissues contain massive amounts of stem cells. These stem cells increase the body’s repair rate within the injected areas. they supply additional vitality and build the skin shine.

Fat injection for facial rejuvenation doesn't leave any scars on face. Deep wrinkles and grooves on the face are often crammed exploitation this methodology. Cheekbones are often created additional specific and lips are often thickened. Fat injections are often applied everywhere the face as well as the world round the eyeballs. The stem cells, transplanted through fat injections, offer additional vitality and shine.

Fat injections also can be used for breast augmentation. This way, it provides another to breast enlargement operation through polymer prostheses.

Fat injections facilitate scale back deficiencies within the legs and proper distortions and asymmetries. Fat injections are often combined with calf prostheses.

Adipose tissues, taken from belly or abdomen, ar injected into cheek for butt raise functions. This way, cheek becomes additional specific since the belly is agent and therefore the cheek appearance upright and larger due to fat injections.

Wherever applied, alittle quantity of transferred animal tissue is dissolved by the body over time. Therefore, a bit over necessary is needed within the initial injection. just in case of lack of tissue, injections can be recurrent in 6- months- one year intervals.

The operation, that is performed below native or general anaesthesia, creates three specific effects: initial of all, we have a tendency to observe a cutting impact on the world wherever the animal tissue is removed. Secondly, we have a tendency to see fullness wherever the fat is injected. And lastly, stem cells revive the skin.

Fat injections will result in additional satisfying leads to combination with alternative cosmetic interventions. Patients will come to existence in 3-7 days reckoning on the incidental operations.