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Vaginal tightening is performed to correct and tighten some undesirable tissue level enlargements, stretches and sagging in the vagina that occur during normal delivery.

Vaginal enlargement creates problems for both partners during sexual intercourse. Dilation or disorder prepares the grounds for pain during sexual intercourse, inability to have orgasm, decrease in sexual satisfaction, and decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse. Due to this situation, the woman's self-confidence decreases, her relationship starts to wear out and sexual reluctance develops. Vaginal tightening operations are performed to avoid these situations.


Labiaplasty is the correction of the inner lips with impaired symmetry and sagging in accordance with the anatomical plan and correction of the defects. Labioplasty is understandable, but sometimes we encounter problems such as enlarging the angles and losing fullness in the labio majora, which we call large lips. Fat and filling injections to the labia majora that have lost their volume, or the reduction of increased adipose tissue (liposuction) are operations performed on the labia majora and should be evaluated within the scope of labiaplasty.

Penis Enlargement

One of the most important problems for men is the length, thickness and functionality of the penis length. Nowadays, men may complain of various deformities, thinnesses and curvatures in their penises and therefore they prefer penile aesthetic surgery. In the penis due to many reasons; Penis lengthening surgery, penis thickening surgery can be performed.