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The appearance of the buttocks depending on the structural features of the body or sagging due to aging or being larger than desired may create an uncomfortable appearance. Basically, we can classify hip aesthetics as enlargement - plumping and reduction. One of the best methods for Hip Augmentation, Augmentation and Plumping with fat injection is to take the fat from the excessive areas by liposuction and injecting it into the missing and empty areas, that is, filling it with fat injection. Especially the fat in the excess areas of the hips is reduced and transferred to the areas that will make the hips look upright and plump. In this method called micro fat graft technique, the fat cells are taken without damaging the fat cells with special thin cannulas under low pressure and injected into the missing places after a special procedure.In this case, the patient's own fat tissue will be used and it will be very healthy and natural. Some of these fats may dissolve by the body over time, which may cause a decrease in fullness. 40-50% of the average given oils will remain viable. Fats that will remain alive at the end of 6 months means that they will be permanent for life. Augmentation with prosthesis is preferred in patients who do not have sufficient fat tissue. Aesthetic hip butt prosthesis is a silicone implant that is placed by surgery in patients who complain about the smallness of their hips (butt). In butt prosthesis surgery, the implant can be placed between the gluteus maximus and medius muscles in the hip area, and sometimes behind the muscles.